Kyle Busch the Most Hated Man in NASCAR?

Kyle & Dale in happier times

Kyle & Dale in happier times

So as most of you know i pretty much quit watching NASCAR after I “lost” my driver, but on occasion i still read an article or catch a lap. I didn’t see the Saturday race (Crown Royal Presents the Dan Lowry 400 at Richmond International Raceway) but wonder why I’ve been seeing headlines for two days about Kyle Busch who apparently “got into” Dale Jr. on the final lap of the race and caused a crash.

I was reading the Jerry Bonkowski article on the subject and started getting annoyed. The article talked about fans being outraged and Busch maybe needing police protection and Junior whining about how he should have won or finished in the top three.

71 races without a win? You don’t get to whine. It’s called racing – not “driving around in a circle for hours and letting a guy win because it’s his turn”. I think they have a sport similar to that. It’s call the Tour de France.

I remember this driver from back in the day. I think his name was Dale Earnhardt or something like that. He drove hard. He knew what racing was. There were days when he came out the victor and days he ended up in the wall but I don’t think there was ever a day when it could be said that he had 71 races without a win.  You have no idea (or maybe you do) how many times I had to defend that man come Sunday or Monday for “gettin’ into” someone and costing them the race. But isn’t that racing?

I thought that getting rid of the “evil stepmother” was suppose to solve all Junior’s problems? I guess not. This time it’s Kyle Busch’s fault. What will it be next time?