Move Your Money

Move Your Money

I was asked recently “If you can’t or shouldn’t leave your money in a bank, where should you put it?”. I’m not against the concept of banks, just the predatory ones. I have had my money in some bad banks and some great banks. When a very bad bank took over my great bank and left me with a bleeding asshole, I searched the internet for what to do and only found articles that said buy more lube. 🙁

Then one day I’m listening to Alex Jones’ show and hear about the Move Your Money movement. Since then I’ve been a big Move Your Money advocate and preach the word when and where I can. But an interesting thing happened on the way to the forum when I was asked the question above… As I replied to the email above, I opened my browser and typed in my search box Move Your Money and only found old, out-dated articles, a lot of broken links and urls forwarded to site with agendas other than moving your money.

Putting the email on hold while I did some more research got me better results that I decided to post for my own reference. Below is what I found.

How Do I Move My Money Out of a Big Bank? (Bank Transfer Day FAQ) by Josh Harkinson | Mother Jones

Why would I want to move my money out of my existing bank?
What's the process?
How long does it take?
Aren't credit unions less convenient than big banks?
What about ATMs?
If everyone moves their money out of big banks, how much money do the banks stand to lose?
Are big banks freaking out over this?
How are credit unions benefiting from this?
Is there any scenario in which my big bank actually benefits if I do this?

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