Wha ha happen waz…

Omar Edwards and his wife along with his 1 1/2 year old son and his 7 month old son

Omar Edwards and his wife along with his 1 1/2 year old son and his 7 month old son

Officer Omar Edwards was honored and unfortunately buried in Brooklyn today. Edwards was killed in the line of duty on Thursday, May 28th in Harlem after he began chasing an assailant that he found breaking into his car.

Cops getting shot is nothing new to New Yorkers, but when Fox news in NY first started reporting it, it sounded a little fishy…

A cop was shot


in Harlem


in the back

eyebrows raise

by accident

arms crossed

by another police officer

oh boy, how is the NYPD gonna cover this one up?



Conflicting reports started coming in as the story gained momentum and the NYPD fixers stepped it and it looked like you were gonna need a score card to identify all the players. That’s when I decided to make a chart to help us all decipher what the NYPD were telling the press and what the witnesses were saying.

What the Police SayWha Ha Happen Wuz
An officer was shot in the back in Harlem.Damn, their not showing his picture, he was black.
He was shot in the back by accident. The officer who shot him was white
The cop was accidently shot.One shot is an accident. Six shots is murder.
Officer Edwards was in plain clothes.Cops saw a nicca running. Nicca running = shoot first and ask questions later.
Edwards did not have on a vest.I think he would have worn a vest if he thought that when he took his uniform off, he was just a nicca with a gun.
Officer Edwards was shot in the front.Um... I thought we had already established that he was shot in the back by accident???!!!
Dunton and two other officer.s in an unmarked car.That's interesting because initial reports said they were in a police van. If that were true, Edwards probably thought they came to help him.
Officer Andrew Dunton shot Officer Edwards in a case of mistaken identity.Mistaken for who? The cops weren't responding to a call of a criminal running from the police.
This was a tragic accident.Somebody better call Big Al.
The Mayor said, "We all know policing is a dangerous job and accidents happen when people have guns in their hands, even legal guns in this case which they are authorized and trained to use."OK. All cops should stop carrying guns.
Officer Andrew Dunton, has had four civilian complaints lodged against him in his 4-1/2 years on the force, but he NYPD refused to discuss Dunton's record.They would however discuss the fact that Officer Edwards was in plain clothes because he had just left work, didn't have on his vest, should have known better than to be black while running down the street with a gun, chasing a non-black assailant and immediately had his gun tested to see if it had been fired.
The NYPD is launching a full investigation.That's a good idea. Have the people who tried to cover up the crime, investigate the crime. It worked on 9/11.